Periyanayaki Paints

Periyanayaki offers a complete line of Interior and Exterior Paints for any application. Whether it’s official, industrial or just sprucing up your home or office, we have all the right products and information to assure you a successful finished result. We are the prominent paint suppliers around & over Coimbatore.We provide quality solutions to make all your painting projects look elegant and beautiful.

We offer distempers, undercoats, wall puttys, apcolites in the interior paints range and textured finishes, tile guards, primers and exterior wall puttys for the exterior line of products.

Brands We Deal

Colors Showroom

Our Colors showroom, allows you to personalise your home by choosing the right colors. Browse our extensive selection of warm, cool and bright colours to suit every taste.

  • Colors showroom offers
  • Color concepts for creating invigorating themes
  • Large color swatches for better details
  • Miniature models for color visualization
  • Color-block-palattes for exterior walls, borders and facades
  • State-of-the-art interactive My Home Decor to create beautiful color combinations for both interior and exterior of the house

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